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Gut Bacteria, The Main Culprit To Obstruct Your Weight Loss Journey

In today’s busy life people strive hard to keep themselves healthy. Many people follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly to shed the extra kilos. However, some of them face difficulty in losing weight. A team of researchers from Mayo Clinic noticed that the gut bacteria is the culprit behind this.

No matter how much people exercise or follow a healthy diet, some of them feel helpless when it comes to losing weight. This trend is seen only in some people as the rest of them who follow the same routine are able to lose weight successfully. Even the people who don’t exercise often are able to maintain a healthy weight. Thus, according to this study, your gut bacteria are the main reason due to which the weight loss becomes difficult.

A human body is the source of microbes and the composition of gut bacteria plays a key role in the weight loss process. There are many factors leading to obesity. The biological composition, environmental factors are equally responsible for analyzing how energy is metabolized.

During the study, the researchers collected stool samples from 26 individuals who were from different age groups. This study was conducted in 2013. According to the study, an individual must experience at least a 5% reduction in his weight over a span of 3 months. This category of individuals reduced their weight successfully.

In these individuals, the presence of phascolarctobacterium bacteria played a major role in losing weight. Among the people who were not able to reduce their weight showed the presence of Dialister bacteria.

Hence, this study proved that gut bacteria play a key role in the weight loss journey. The people who follow diet must first examine the composition of their gut bacteria. This technique will help the experts in designing the different weight loss plans for different individuals. Our genes can alter the composition of this bacterium with the help of probiotics and diet. The study results are published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings. However, further study must be conducted to evaluate if these results hold true on a large number of individuals.


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