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Prolonged Screen Exposure Can Increase The Risk Of Heart Disease In Children

In today’s technological world everyone is addicted to Smartphone’s, TV’s, video games, computers and other electronic gadgets. Although these devices have connected the world together and ease human efforts, they take a toll on our health. Even children spend long hours in front of the screen which can increase the risk of heart diseases, according to The American Heart Association.

Children spending long hours in front of the screen are more likely to face cardiovascular diseases during adulthood. According to AHA, the children who spend 2 to 3 hours daily in front of the screen like smartphones, computers, and video games are more likely to become a victim of heart disease.

Many studies have shown the impact of prolonged screen exposure on the health of an individual. For instance, prolonged screen exposure increases the sitting hours leading to obesity and weight gain. The obesity in kids during childhood continues to be the same even during adulthood.

Obesity is also associated with an increase in cholesterol levels and blood pressure which leads to heart attack. AHA urges parents to encourage their kids to play outdoor games. Moreover, physically inactive kids have shown an increase in the obesity rate and poor heart health.

Even the recreational devices which are screen-based make children sedentary. This trend is commonly seen in today’s teenagers as they are well-worse with the latest technologies and spend most of their time in front of the screen. Also, screen exposure increases with an increase in the age of an individual.

Health experts recommend that healthy habits and healthy lifestyle should be taught to the children during childhood. The influence of parents on their kids will help them in cutting down their screen time. Parents must set a good example and inculcate the benefits of healthy living in their kids.

According to AHA, kids below 2 years of age should not be exposed to screen at all, as even a small exposure can be harmful.   Also, children under 6 years of age should not spend more than 1 hour in front of the screen. Further, a comprehensive study needs to be conducted to understand the ill-effects of prolonged screen exposure on children.


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