Amazon Will Bring It’s Alexa Auto SDK Support To More Cars

Amazon Alexa, the smart virtual assistant launched by Amazon is doing wonders in the market. The smart virtual assistant was first used to play music, for voice interaction, reading out news to the users, giving traffic updates, setting alarms and many others. Now, Amazon Alexa has become popular for its use in cars.

The company has recently released a toolkit, using which the users can integrate Alexa support into its cars. The use of this virtual assistant into cars is named Alexa Auto. This software is available on GitHub. All the tasks performed by Amazon Alexa is embedded into this software development toolkit.

The users can now enjoy the Alexa support in their cars where they can control the smart home devices, ask Alexa for weather updates, and many others. Alexa is one of the best virtual assistant devices to get updated regularly with many exciting features. Also, this device supports many third-party applications which the company called Skills.

Amazon is also planning to launch the GPS navigation feature into its virtual assistant which can be of immense use to the car owners. With the integration of Amazon Alexa into the car, the users can dial or receive the calls, search for hotels, listen to music and others. This concept is similar to the one seen in Android Auto. According to Github, the users can integrate the Alexa Auto SDK into their car infotainment systems to enable Alexa functionalities and third-party applications support.

Amazon is working with popular car makers like BMW, Toyota, Ford for the integration of this virtual assistant into the cars. To the older cars, this device can be integrated as an add-on device. In future, Alexa support will be seen across many cars as this platform is still under development stage. If you are a developer, you can check the Amazon Alexa Auto SDK platform for interesting features. Amazon is in competition with other virtual assistant devices like Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant present called Android Auto.


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