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Android 9 Pie Rolls Out To Google Pixel Phones

The most popular Android OS has recently launched a new Android P version also known as Android 9 Pie. Based on earlier Android version names, it was expected that Android 9, will be named as Peanut Butter. But, this turns out to be false. The latest Android version is available to all the Google Pixel phone users.

The recently launched Android 9 Pie is equipped with many new features to enhance the user experience. Google has extracted the power of AI to bring the new features to its newly launched Android 9 Pie. With this version, users can limit the app usage along with the ease of navigation. Also, the drowning battery issue will be addressed by this version. Android 9 Pie has an adaptive battery feature, in which the battery usage will be prioritized according to the apps.

Also, Google has enhanced the user interface which eradicates the need of pressing the home key, menu key, and others. A new concept called gesture-based navigation system is shipped into the Android 9 Pie version. Based on Artificial Intelligence technology this version can automatically adjust the brightness according to the user’s usage behavior.

In short, the Android 9 Pie is a smarter operating system which efficiently analyses the usage pattern and adjusts itself to it. One more interesting feature of this version is that user can search for certain functionality without opening the app. For instance, a user can type shopping and your operating system will suggest different shopping options present on our device. Users can sign up for the Beta version of this software.

Google have also enhanced the security and privacy of this version to protect the user’s sensitive data like credit card details. Android 9 Pie has started rolling out to Google Pixel devices. It will be available soon to other devices. All key phone manufacturers like Oppo, OnePlus, Sony, Xiaomi, Vivo, and others have already registered for Android P program to make Android 9 Pie available to its users soon.

Google Pixel users can start the downloading this version which is available as an over-the-air update. These users can check for this update, in the Settings tab, tap to download and install Android 9 Pie OS.

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