Gmail Launches ‘Confidential Mode’ For Android And iOS Mobile Users

Privacy is one of the major concerns in today’s world. As the technology has reached its peak securing your data has become an important issue. In order to secure the users Gmail data Google had come up with “Confidential Mode” in May 2018. This feature was only available for the desktop users. Now, the company has rolled out Confidential Mode feature to its Android and iOS users.

The launch Confidential Mode feature for Android and iOS users were confirmed via the company’s official Twitter account. Not everyone is aware of this feature. To enable this feature, the Gmail users just need to turn on the Confidential Mode for a specific email. Then, the users can choose expiration date and password for this particular email. By doing so, the users will restrict the access of other users to this email.

Also, the recipients of the email marked in Confidential Mode cannot view the email attachment, download, forward or print that particular email. This mode will also disable an email access on web interface or via SMS. This mode is launched to secure the user’s confidential data and avoid unauthorized access to the same.

The users can enable access to such email at any point of time by disabling the Confidential Mode. One security flaw still exists in this mode which is users can take a screenshot of the email even when the Confidential Mode is enabled. For the recipients to access such a secured email, Google will send an SMS with a password. When this password is entered then users can unlock the email to read its content.

The Confidential Mode designed to address the security issues does not seem to attract a large number of users. As many alternatives are available like Signal which is a more sophisticated platform compared to Gmail. It also addresses the security concerns.

There are billions of users who are actively using Gmail on daily basis. So these individuals may find Confidential Mode feature extremely useful rather than trusting the third-party applications. For more details, users can read the Google’s support page.


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