WhatsApp Users Need Not Worry About Backup As Google Drive Offers Unlimited Storage Capacity

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging and video calling platform owned by Facebook. This app has acquired more than 1 billion daily active users across the globe. WhatsApp users exchange messages, images, videos, location, and audios. The app has significantly brought many new features to attract users. All the app data is stored onto the Google Drive and now this drive offers unlimited storage capacity to its users.

The unlimited storage capacity feature will be available to all the WhatsApp users from November 12. Also, the users don’t have to worry about the storage capacity to backup their data. Google has announced that they will provide unlimited storage capacity for the users to store huge amount of data including audio, video, images, GIFs, and others.

Furthermore, the users will now see ample of storage on their phone as WhatsApp will not occupy their phone storage. This initiative is a part of Google and WhatsApp’s official agreement. For instance, if Google Drive is offering the users 100 GB of data storage then users can backup all their data without losing 100 GB storage limit.

At present, every backup data is counted, considering the space allotted to every user on the cloud. Also, the company has started announcing this update via email to some users. The unlimited Google Drive feature can be seen on the FAQ page of the WhatsApp. The users who have not back up their data for more than a year will lose their data.

WhatsApp takes utmost care to store the user’s data on its cloud platform. The Android users of this app have Google Drive for data storage. The iPhone users have iCloud to store their data.

The company has advised users to back up all their data before November 12 to prevent its loss. With this update, the users who have not backup their data for a year will lose the data as it will be wiped out. WhatsApp also recommends using the WiFi for the backup process as some data like large video and audio files may eat up your mobile data. WhatsApp users need to have the Google Drive installed on their phone to backup the data. The users can then open their app, go to Settings and tap the “Chat backup” option. Unlimited Google Drive storage feature will attract new users and will also encourage the existing users to use this app.


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