Google Rolls Out ‘Cameos’ App For Users To Interact With The Celebrities

Google has found a way for the users to interact with the celebrities. Using Cameos app the users can ask celebrities any question which pops into their mind. This is basically a video app platform. Also, celebrities can reach out to their fans and answer the questions raised by them.

Cameos app will help both the users and the celebrities in many ways. For instance, the celebrities can record the questions and response of their fans and the users can proactively interact with their favorite celebrities. Google Cameos app will be available on the iOS app.

With the help of Cameos app, users will get a reply to the most popular queries about the celebrities. The response will then be included in the Google search results. This app will feature actor, actresses, models, sports players, politicians, and others. Last year, Google has invited many famous personalities to its platform like Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, to name a few. Ferrell even answered the questions asked by his fans.

Cameos is a platform where the users can interact with the celebrities and post their responses to the Google search.  However, this app will be available only for the selected users. Users need to pass the application process in order to access this app. For rest of the people, they can check the celebrity responses in the Google search results.

Cameos are similar to video app platform. The celebrities can see the questions raised by their fans and they can reply via a video message. The answers will then be published on Google search results. All the famous personalities including the social media influencers can participate in this app. At present, this app is available only for the iPhone users. The users need to send an invite to the celebrity of their choice and then only they can record the video.

Cameos will serve as a platform for the celebrity to ensure that only accurate and true information about them is being posted. Also, this app will increase the popularity of the famous people as they will post their real response in their authentic voice.

Also, the celebrities can use their phone to choose which question to answer. The questions will be posted by the app regularly to keep the content up-to-date. These responses will also appear in the feed section of the Google App.

Google Cameos app is completely secure as the access to this app is available only via invitation. The app can be downloaded freely which works with all compatible iDevices that support iOS 9 and above versions.


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