Firefox Extension Called Advance Will Suggest Stories Based On Users Browsing Behavior

Mozilla Firefox has launched a new feature in the form of an extension called Advance, which will suggest stories based on user’s browsing habits. This feature uses the machine learning concept to understand the users browsing behavior. It will act as the guide when we browse through the Firefox browser.

The Advance feature utilizes the concept of machine learning to understand the users browsing habits. It will show only the content which is of users interest. This will eradicate the need for unnecessarily browsing other stuff on the internet which may be time-consuming. The Internet is a huge platform where users can enter into the stuff and later on regret the time they have spent in browsing things of less importance.

Mozilla Firefox is trying to make it come back into the list of popular browsers with the help of new features. The advance feature is powered by LaserLike which acts as a personalized search engine to deliver relevant content to the clients. The advance feature shows 2 sections on the left of the browser namely, ‘Read Next’ and ‘For You’. These 2 sections make use of machine learning to provide personalized and relevant content to the users based on their browsing behavior.

Once the Advance feature is enabled on your Firefox browser, this extension will automatically start learning about the users browsing habits like the sites they visit. After gathering the data, it will segregate the same into ‘For You’ and ‘Read Next’ section.

The ‘For You’ section will display the content which is of the user’s interest or which the users may like. Whereas, the ‘Read Next’ section will display the content relevant to the users browsing style. The users can also flag the content as boring, spam or not of their interest and the Advance feature will work accordingly. The machine learning algorithm will filter out topics to provide the better user experience.

However, Advance feature comes with one drawback which is the data privacy issues. In order to learn the users browsing behavior, this feature needs to access plenty of information. Some users may not like to reveal their browsing behavior. In this case, the users can stop this feature. Also, users can delete history gathered by this feature. It will be interesting to see the users response to this feature.


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