Google Can Still Trace Your Location Even When The Location Feature Is Disabled

The Google’s most prominent location feature does plenty of tasks to ease the human efforts in finding the accurate location. The location feature offers real-time traffic condition updates and traveling feature. This feature is available for Android and iPhone devices.

The location feature of Google is known to track the time-stamped user’s location at any time. The location option is present on the phone and once it is activated the user’s location can be determined easily. However, there is a misconception among the users that when this option is deactivated the Google cannot trace your location.

One needs to know that the Android and iPhone devices can still trace the user’s location as they store the location data even when the location feature is disabled. Due to an increase in the privacy concerns securing your data from the hackers has become a critical issue. Google has even provided tools to protect the user’s data, however, when it comes to location service, users need to face complexity.

Google location service tracks the user’s location where ever they go over a period of time. The users who do not wish o be tracked can turn off this feature. However, according to Associated Press investing, even when this feature is deactivated, the location feature will automatically trace the data unknowingly without user’s permission.

As advertising is the main revenue generation source for Google, this time-stamped data is used for the advertising purpose. Turning off location feature from your privacy setting will just remove the location from Google Maps feature. This may invade the user’s privacy. The study researchers claim that when a company allows users to turn off their location to prevent tracking their location history then this feature should be deactivated from all the sources.

The iPhone users can completely prevent the location tracking but they have to follow some steps as follows:

  1. Sign in into the Google Account and tap the Personal Info and Privacy Menu option.
  2. Click on My Activity and on the left side you will see the Activity Controls menu. Tap here.
  3. Then, select Web & App Activity option and disable this feature.

The Android users need to choose Google Settings, sign in into the Google Account and select Data and Personalization option. In this window, users need to turn off both the options namely Web & App Activity and Location History. By following the above steps users can prevent their location from being traced.


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