Facebook Is Planning To Launch Aloha, The Company’s Digital Assistant

With the increasing popularity of digital assistant in the market, Facebook is planning to launch its own. Facebook will soon roll out its own voice-based digital assistant named Aloha. It was expected that the company was planning to launch this smart assistant quite earlier. However, the launch was delayed due to Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

Amazon Echo is one of such digital assistant in the form of the smart speaker. Facebook’s Aloha is also similar to the Amazon Echo. Aloha is expected to beat Amazon Echo and Google Home in the smart speaker race. This assistant is equipped with many exciting features.

Facebook plans to make voice-based interactions easier in the future. This will be accomplished with the help of Aloha. The popularity of this social networking platform is increasing and has attracted more than 1 billion daily active users. Aloha, the digital assistant is expected to be launched for Facebook Messenger and Android-based Facebook applications.

The integration of Aloha into all Facebook-based application is still at the preliminary stage. During the study, developer Jane Manchun Wong said she was able to have a short conversation during the testing of this feature. Before the inclusion of complex features, the company is planning to first roll out the basis dictation foundation.

The voice-based digital assistant Aloha will be of immense use to the Facebook users. The digital assistant feature has a long way to go in order to compete with popular voice-based assistants currently available in the market. The company is planning to transform the script based feature to voice-based.

Aloha will be useful to the users who have trouble operating with the script based feature of Facebook. A detailed explanation about working of this feature is available to the Facebook employees.

Also, the company may equip Aloha with a multi-platform digital assistant which can work for Google Android and Apple Siri. Nowadays, many smartphone manufacturers have come up with its own smart assistant. For instance, Samsung Bixby, Apple Siri, and Google Home. The increasing popularity of smart digital assistants will definitely attract a large number of users. It was estimated that more than 5.4 million Google home devices and 4.1 million Amazon Echo were sold this year.


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