Mozilla Firefox By Default Will Block The Ad Tracking Software

Mozilla Firefox the popular browser will block the ad tracking software by default. Maintaining the user’s privacy is the important concern when it comes to usage of any browser. Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox are popular browsers used by millions of people on daily basis.

Tracking the users browsing behavior is the important task done by all the browsers. As we know advertising is the key revenue source for the browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome to name a few. It helps these companies in providing the relevant ads to the users to gain revenue. However, tracking the users browsing behavior may give rise to security issues. Considering this, Mozilla Firefox decided to block the ad tracking software and maintain the user’s privacy.

The blocking of Ad tracking software will also improve the page response thereby loading the webpage faster. Mozilla Firefox will provide leverage to the users in restricting the information which they wish to share. The ad tracking software is designed for advertising purpose in which they broadcast targeted ads to the users.

Mozilla Firefox wants to secure the user’s data in order to strengthen the security and improve the browser performance. Thus, Firefox will now block the ad tracking software by default. The control will be in users hand where they can decide which information they want to share for specific websites. Many web trackers track the user’s data unknowingly to provide targeted ads. Such web trackers are known as opaque trackers which may harm or intervene with the user’s private data. Such activities lead to security breaches.

Mozilla Firefox is struggling to avoid data leaks. Earlier, in 2004 the company had launched software which automatically disables the pop-up ads. Since that time, Mozilla had taken many initiatives to boost the consumer privacy and cut down the detrimental practices.

Mozilla noticed that the web trackers slows down the web page loading time by 55.4 percent. Thus, it is necessary to cut down such ad trackers. Now, by default, the ad trackers will be blocked by the Mozilla Firefox browser. The browser will block the third-party software from this month. This feature will be available to the Firefox beta users first and later it will be rolled out to all the users.

The default blocking of ad tracking software will attract a large number of users to use the Mozilla Firefox browser. At present, Google Chrome tops the list of the popular browser with 60 percent of global users followed by Safari and Firefox with 14 percent and 5 percent global users respectively.


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