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Aspirin Fails To Prevent The Cardiovascular Risk In Elderly People, Suggests Landmark Australian Study

Aspirin is commonly used by elderly people to maintain cardiovascular health. But, the recent study by landmark Australian research suggests that the consumption of aspirin does more harm compare to its benefits. The study claims that a low dose of aspirin has no benefits in preventing heart disease instead it can increase the risk of bleeding in elderly people. Aspirin does not hold good in curing any diseases in elderly people.

The study confirmed that even low dose of aspirin can be dangerous. Aspirin Fails To Prevent The Cardiovascular Risk In Elderly People study was conducted on more than 19,000 people from the United States and Australia. The researchers found that the benefits of consuming this tablet on daily basis were very low. The study results were confirmed on September 16 and can be found in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Over the past 100 years, aspirin is consumed by elderly people for longer life and to stay away from diseases. However, this study proves this thesis as false. This tablet is widely used as a preventive drug against various illnesses. This is the wide range and comprehensive study to evaluate whether 100 milligrams of aspirin offered health benefits or not.

For The Study Purpose:

the volunteers aged over 70 with no history of the cardiovascular disorders, dementia or physical illness were asked to consume aspirin or placebo on daily basis. Aspirin Fails To Prevent The Cardiovascular Risk In Elderly People prolonged study was conducted from 2010 to 2014. In the end, the researchers noticed that there was no significant difference between the people who consumed aspirin and the others who took a placebo.

On contrary, the researchers found that the people who consumed aspirin have shown an increase in the bleeding risk. Due to this, these individuals were most likely to suffer from hemorrhage. The risk of hemorrhage in these people was 3.8 percent compared to 2.8 percent seen among the placebo group.

Furthermore, the cancer-related death cases were observed among the aspirin consumption group. Past studies claim that this tablet holds good in preventing the cancer-related deaths. Thus, it is necessary to consult a physician before consuming this tablet. The study is still under process as the researchers are finding out whether aspirin can provide some benefits in the long-term or not.


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