SmartThings Tracker Launched By Samsung Is About To Hit The Market

The South Korean giant smartphone manufacturer Samsung is all set to launch its useful SmartThings tracker into the market. Samsung is moving ahead in the race of smart devices. Recently, the company has acquired a first place in the number of smartphone units sold in the second quarter of 2018. Although the company is facing tough competition from other giants like OnePlus and Huawei, the company tries to impress the users with the launch of SmartThings tracker.

SmartThings tracker, as the name suggests is meant to trace the valuable things which are misplaced by the users. This device will ease the user’s efforts in hunting the misplaced things thereby saving their time. SmartThings tracker is a GPS enabled device which makes use of LTE-M network to detect the misplaced things.

There are many trackers available in the market. For instance, the TrackR Pixel can track the things and costs just $45. However, it has certain limitations. TrackR Pixel is powered by Bluetooth and can only track those things which are within a specified Bluetooth range. SmartThings tracker on other hand comes with a price tag of $100. The features shipped with this device make it worth buying. With SmartThings tracker users can trace their keys, bags, pets, and others. This device is handy and easily portable.

SmartThings tracker by Samsung can be used by all the family members to communicate about their whereabouts. The smart device will definitely help users in finding the misplaced things and to stay connected with other family members. The most striking feature of this device is water resistance and battery backup up to 1 week. The interested users can book this device by visiting the company’s official webpage. Also, SmartThings tracker will be available on other shopping platforms like Amazon, AT&T, Verizon by the end of this month.

SmartThings tracker has no range limit for tracking the misplaced things unless the users travel internationally where LTE network is not compatible. As this device is GPS enabled, the users can share their live location with a single tap. SmartThings tracker is compatible with all the smart devices including security cameras, watched, thermostats, lights and many more.


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