Apple Successfully Completes The Shazam Acquisition For $400 Million To Provide Ad-Free Experience

Apple, the smartphone giant has joined hands with Shazam to provide ad-free music experience to the users. Shazam is one of the popular apps among the apple users as it is was the first music app to be launched. The popularity of this app among the users will increase with this acquisition as it will now offer an ad-free user experience. The new acquisition is expected to come into the picture from the month of December.

How this acquisition will roll out to the users remains to be seen. It is expected that this acquisition will be integrated into Apple Music for music streaming facility. Shazam app is most popular which has recorded more than 1 billion downloads with more than 20 million daily users. This was the first music streaming app to be launched in the App Store.

The acquisition between Apple and Shazam was expected to take place in the month of April. However, the European Commission claimed that this deal will help the smartphone maker to use the app’s data to divert Apple user’s to use Apple Music instead. The acquisition was confirmed by Apple via a press release.

Apple claims that this acquisition will help the music lovers to enjoy the music with an ad-free experience. Users can now enjoy their music without any interruptions. It is expected that the ad-free music streaming experience will roll out to the Android users in near future.

Shazam app can effectively listen to and convert the music lyrics, songs, videos, TV shows and more. This app is compatible across all iDevices namely iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and iMessage. Shazam is also integrated into Siri which is the smart digital assistant. The complete deal details were not disclosed by both the companies. However, according to the report by TechCrunch, this deal was closed for $400 million.

The ad-free music streaming acquisition between both the companies hints at bringing new features to boost the user experience.


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