WhatsApp Will Roll Out Three New Features In An Upcoming Version

WhatsApp is the popular Facebook-owned messaging platform. Users can perform multiple tasks using this platform. This app is available across iOS and Android platform. The company is continuously improving its platform by launching new features. Currently, the company is trying to launch 3 new features to WhatsApp which can ease the user’s communication.

The first feature which will be introduced in WhatsApp is the Account linking feature. With the help of this feature, users can link their account to external services. For instance, users can link their account to Instagram. In order to do this, the company has provided option under the Settings menu which is ‘Linked Account Setting’. Once the necessary changes are updated both the accounts can be linked.

The reason behind linking external services to its platform is not yet known. But, this feature will be useful for faster password recovery and sharing Whatsapp Status across different platforms.

The next feature is the Vacation mode. This feature will be used to keep a balance between work life and personal life. With this feature, the archived chats will not be shown on the chat list. At present, the archive chats are seen in the active chat list when a new message arrives.

When a Vacation mode is on, all the chats will be hidden until the users re-opens it. To enable this feature, the users need to archive and mute the chat conversation. If you are on vacation and you do not wish to receive a message from certain groups then Vacation mode feature will be useful. Without exiting a group, users can mute the chat. Once you mute and archive certain group, it will be no longer seen on your active chats.

The third useful feature is the Silent mode. When this mode is activated all the app badges will be hidden. Users will no longer see a notification or active conversation on the notification bar once this feature is activated. This feature will be activated by default.


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