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Green Tea Extracts Is Harmful To Your Liver

Green tea is highly consumed nowadays as it boosts metabolism and helps in the weight loss journey. Also, green tea helps in maintaining healthy skin. The bitter part of it is that if you consume green tea extracts especially in the form of supplements, it can harm your liver.

A middle-aged man from Texas has become a victim of harmful green tea extracts. This man was admitted to the hospital and needed a liver transplant. Doctors noticed that the green tea supplements have damaged his liver. The man was consuming these green tea extracts from past 3 months due to which he faced liver injury.

The patient was shocked to know that green tea extracts can cause this harm as he was only aware of its benefits. McCants was the man who needed a liver transplant after consuming these supplements. He was exercising regularly and also maintained a healthy diet. However, the supplements caused damage to his liver.

Due to the consumption of green tea extracts the man’s face had turned yellow. Soon he visited the hepatologist who advised him for immediate liver transplant within a weeks’ time. Thus, it is recommended that the excessive amount of green tea consumption should be avoided to curb down the risk of liver injury. This study is supported by the U.S. National Institute of Health which states that excessive intake of green tea as a supplement or drink is harmful to the liver.

Also, another study by the European Food Safety Authority states that large doses of this drink usually above 800 mg per day are harmful. Green tea extracts in the form of supplements should be strictly avoided. People who drink green tea can consume it, as 3-5 cups of green tea have only 250 mg of catechins which is less than 800 mg limit.

This drink should be in a diluted form as the concentrated one can be harmful. On  contrary, as green tea is rich in anti-oxidants it can keep cancer at bay and accelerate the weight loss journey.


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