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Mountain Birds Facing Extinction Threat Due to Climate Change

The adverse effect of climate change is seen globally. Global warming is causing a threat to the survival of mountain birds. The tropical birds living near mountains commonly known as mountain birds are about to become extinct.

A new research conducted by the researchers from Peruvian Andes suggests that the bird population is decreasing rapidly. Many of the bird species have disappeared According to the new survey, out of 16 mountain bird species found in 1985 has been reduced by half.

Based on the research conducted by the field researchers, audio recordings it was seen that many of this mountain birds species have vanished recently. The bird species namely Buff-browed, Foliage-gleaner, Hazel-fronted, Pygmy-Tyrant, and others are on the verge of extinction.

These mountaintop species are running away from mountainous regions due to unfavorable climatic conditions. The rise in global warming in these regions has led to this extinction. Since the year 1985, the average global temperature is increasing every year by 1-degree Fahrenheit.

This trend of birds migrating to different places is seen all over the world. Also, certain bird species from New Guinean Mountain have migrated upslope. Due to rapid change in climatic conditions, the bird species are migrating to high-altitude areas. This has led to the extinction of local birds.

Global warming is one of the serious issues today. This is badly affecting marine life, melting glaciers thereby increasing the sea levels and bird species. If the average global temperatures continue to rise at this pace then soon tropical species will become extinct.

The number of tropical species is expected to shift towards higher altitude areas due to rising global temperatures. The study researchers have also used the previous technique to estimate the population of local bird species and extinction threat. The results of the study can be seen in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  The tropical mountainous region is home for many bird and plant species like mountain birds. It is necessary to take prompt measures to prevent these endangered species from extinction.


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