Facebook All Set To Display Ads On WhatsApp

Advertising is the main source of income for social networking sites. Be it any site you will always come across some or other ad. Nowadays, with the help of AI and machine learning techniques, the display of ads has been customized. Users now see ads which are relevant to their needs. Facebook is all set to display ads on WhatsApp to optimize its business.

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp platform is gaining huge popularity. This platform serves as a one-stop platform to fulfill all your requirements. Apart from being a messaging platform, this app offers other features like calling, status, payment option, and others. Now, Facebook says that Ads will be displayed on WhatsApp alongside the Status.

The news comes directly from WhatsApp VP Chris Daniels who says that ads are the primary source of monetization for the company. This will pave the way for various businesses to reach out to the public. However, when this feature will be available is not yet known. According to the report by The Economic Times, WhatsApp now has 1.5 billion daily active users. Thus, with an increasing popularity, Facebook will display ads on its platform.

Facebook will display ads which will help the users to reach out their businesses to a large number of audience. However, this news turns out to be the bitter one to some of the company executives. Facebook CEO is trying to monetize the platform to make it profitable. However, this step may affect the encryption feature.

Security may be one concern if this app gets monetized. Till now WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption which means messages sent via this app are secure and encrypted. The ads will be displayed on WhatsApp Status. The Status feature has become extremely popular since its launch. With this feature, the user can post videos, photos, text and can share the same with their contacts.

Facebook was planning to monetize this messaging platform since the subscription fees were waved off in 2016. Now, the company wants to make money via WhatsApp.


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