Google Chrome Version 71 Will Block All Abusive Ads

Google Chrome, the most popular browser is gearing up to block abusive ads on websites. The updated Google Chrome version 71, will block all the abusive, offending and shady ads from the websites. This turns out to be bitter news for some publishers as Google will clean up all such so annoying content from its browser.

Back in July, the Google Chrome browser 58 was launched to fight against abusive, misleading ad content on the websites. Such disturbing ads come in various forms like a popup, weblink or it may occupy the entire webpage. Some annoying ads automatically land up onto a new page irrespective of whether a user has clicked on that page or not.

These ads obstruct the user’s performance and thus they are categorized as abusive. Although, Google Chrome 51 was equipped with features to block such content, but proved to be insufficient. With the launch of Google Chrome 71, the company tries to take a strict action further by prohibiting misleading and abusive content. This Chrome version is expected to be launched in the month of December.

Google is giving website owners or publishers a span of 30 days to remove abusive content if any from their website. The sites showing abusive content should be removed immediately. After the grace period, if any such content is shown on the website then Google will quickly block the abusive ads.

The blocking of abusive content will improve the user’s performance on the Chrome browser. Also, it will attract new users to its browsing platform. Google Chrome users have the leverage to outweigh the company’s ad blocking policy. The initiative by the company will make Chrome users happy as such content proves to be wastage of time and annoying.

Google Chrome is the most popular browser used by millions of people across the world. Also, the company gains significant revenue from advertising. The company holds expertise in displaying most relevant ads according to the user’s interest.


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