Unsend Feature By Facebook Will Give Users Ten Minutes To Delete Messages

Facebook, the social networking giant is all set to launch the Unsend feature. This feature will roll out to all the Facebook Messenger users. It will give users a leverage to delete unwanted or embarrassing messages sent to others. However, users can delete such messages within ten minutes only after the message has been sent.

At present, Facebook users can delete the chat conversations but only at their end. This means that the message cannot be deleted at the receiver end. The receiver can still view the message irrespective of whether it is deleted by the sender. The new Unsend feature will be rolled out in a new update to Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook also, has to delete message option. But the message can be deleted only if the other person has not read the message. Once the message is read by the receiver it cannot be deleted.

The launch of an Unsend feature was first spotted by a Twitter user Matt Navara. This feature was listed as “coming soon” in the release notes. For WhatsApp, the users can unsend message up to one hour after the message is sent. The timespan to Unsend the message on Facebook Messenger will be increased gradually.

It will be the most useful feature to delete an embarrassing message. This is the first time Facebook has launched this interesting feature to clean the unwanted thread. It is expected that this feature will start rolling out from April. This feature was first spotted during its testing phase in the month of October.

However, the release of Unsend feature to Facebook Messenger is still a rumor as no concrete news has been provided by the company. The unsend feature will be extremely useful to delete wrong image, messages, or videos sent to others. This new feature is expected to be released in the version 191.0 of Facebook Messenger. This feature will remove the deleted messages at both the ends from the sender as well as from the receiver.


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