Facebook Rolls Out Lasso Which Is Similar To TikTok

With an increasing popularity of TikTok, Facebook has planned to roll out a similar application. Earlier, the company has cloned Snapchat with exactly similar features. Now, the company is planning to clone the TikTok application. Facebook has rolled out an application called Lasso in this regards.

Lasso is available to all the Android and iOS users. This application was launched on Friday as a competitor of TikTok. This is basically a short video application platform. Users can create a video of up to 15 seconds and they can add their favorite music to the background.

Users can create short fun videos using this app. This seems to be the company’s initiative to attract teenagers to its platform and to increase its user base. The number of Facebook users has also decreased in 2018 compared to the year 2014. TikTok on contrary has become the most popular app with maximum downloads in September.

Lasso is the clone of this popular application and how this attracts a large number of users is yet to be seen. By cloning the Snapchat features this social networking site had gained huge popularity. Also, the company has launched the Stories feature to its platform which was the same as that of Instagram. The Stories feature had become popular across all the Facebook-owned applications like Messenger and WhatsApp.

It was long rumored that Facebook is planning to launch an application similar to TikTok. Also, Lasso was in the development stage in the month of October. With this application, the users can record short videos, add music to it, a lip-synching feature is also available.  Lasso offers a complete set of exciting features where users can record all type of videos like fitness, comedy, beauty and more.

Users can log in into Lasso with their Facebook or Instagram login. Once logged in, the users can view all the videos which will be played automatically. Also, users can sort the videos as per their interest based on the hashtags which will be mentioned in the videos.

The users can even post their videos to Facebook or Instagram Stories. This app is still under development stage and users cannot set their profiles to private. The company has not yet released the launch date of the Lasso app.


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