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A Large Number Of Global Companies Will Opt For Flexible Workspace In Coming Years

The majority of companies are planning to head towards flexible workspace structure to boost productivity. This initiative will also pave the way for a healthy work environment among the employees. About two-thirds of major global companies will opt for flexible workspace in the coming years.

Flexible workspace plan will boost the corporate productivity with dynamic, optimized and vibrant work culture. Also, it will have a positive impact financially and culturally. This plan will be implemented by all the major global companies within 3 years. According to the survey conducted by (Y)OUR SPACE, all the major companies located globally employ more than 3.5 million people which occupy about 21.65 million office space. This survey was conducted on senior company executives working with 120 companies across the globe.

During the study it was seen that corporate employees enjoy the collaborative work environment which gives them freedom of work. Furtherly, it was seen that the flexible workspace only occupy 5% or even less space in the corporate offices. It is thus necessary to implement this plan which can reap fruitful benefits to the organization and employees as well.

Now 69% of all the global major companies have planned to implement the flexible workspace plan and 80% of them will increase the collaborative space in the next three years. Increased flexibility, greater operational area, conventional office space is the key benefits of this plan. About 75% of study participants claimed that this initiative will lead to a healthy and happy work environment. Considering today’s work environment and business structures a shift towards flexible workspace and collaborative working is need of the time.

At present, the traditional lease model is followed by major companies. Around two-thirds of global companies have planned to move towards flexible workspace and collaborative work plan. Also, the companies who already have this plan have decided to extend it further to occupy 80% of the collaborative workspace.


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