Facebook Messenger Rolls Out New Boomerang, Selfie Mode And AR Stickers

Facebook Messenger the popular chat platform rolled out in 2008 is launching many new exciting features. This platform is available across all iOS and Android platform. Facebook has come out with many exciting features like Boomerang, Selfie Mode and AR Stickers.

Boomerang is a popular feature which is supported by the various platform. This feature can be seen on Instagram which portrays looping videos mainly for producing comedy effects. This long-awaited feature has started rolling out to Facebook Messenger.

Selfie mode is similar to bokeh mode which is commonly used in photography. This feature blurs the background in any photograph to focus on a particular image. It also provides a glow to the image to enhance its beauty. AR stickers represent the real world images to make it more dynamic. AR stickers make an image look like a real-world photo by applying special elements onscreen. Also, the existing images can be used as AR stickers.

As this is the beginning of Christmas Eve where most of the messages including images are exchanged the company has planned to introduce this interactive features. Thus, now this [messaging platform features five camera modes namely Normal, Video, Text, Boomerang, and Selfie mode. Recently, the Facebook Messenger had undergone a complete redesign to make its platform more user-friendly. The updated Messenger app looks more concise and simpler with no confusing elements.

More than 20 million people use camera effects and more than 440 million stickers are sent daily on Facebook Messenger platform. Adding new features is necessary to keep the users engaged. The new Boomerang, Selfie Mode and AR Stickers feature will roll out to all new and existing Facebook messenger users. The updated Facebook Messenger app can be downloaded freely on all iOS and Android platform. These features will make the Facebook Messenger platform one of the top-rated messaging platform.


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