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Anxiety And Depression Is As Threatening As Smoking And Drinking

Anxiety and depression are commonly seen with today’s changing lifestyle. The negative effects of anxiety and depression on the human body are equal to unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking. These two disorders are top silent killers in the world. The changing lifestyle habits, work pressure, and socio-economic factors are leading to anxiety and depression. These mental health conditions also lead to heart disease and increase in blood pressure.

The study was conducted by researchers from the University of California San Francisco Department of Psychiatry. During the study, more than 15,000 adults were examined for a duration of four years. In the end, it was seen that more than 2,225 individuals were suffering from anxiety and depression. Out of the total individuals, 4,737 of them were obese and 2,215 were smokers.

Also, around 65 percent of individuals with high levels of anxiety and depression were more likely to develop heart disease. The chances of developing stroke, high blood pressure and arthritis was 64 percent, 50 percent, and 87 percent respectively. This graph is similar to people addicted to smoking and drinking. Hence, high levels of anxiety and depression are as toxic as smoking and drinking.

Furthermore, such increased levels of mental stress condition can give rise to the different type of cancer. The study shows the risks associated with high levels of anxiety and depression. The health care providers should also consider the mental condition of an individual which are indicators of different illness. Mental health issues are ignored but these conditions are linked to physical health issues. In comparison with smoking and drinking these mental conditions are given less attention even if their impact is more.

By treating mental health issues the toll on healthcare systems will be reduced. The results of the study are published on December 17, in the journal Health Psychology. The importance of maintaining good mental health is the key to wellbeing.


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