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Omron Launches New Smartwatch Which Can Monitor Blood Pressure

Omron, the popular Japan-based electronics company is known for their universal monitors. Omron Healthcare is the first company to launch the blood pressure monitoring device to wrist in the form of a smartwatch. The present smartwatches have many exciting features like heart rate monitoring, pedometer and others.

The smartwatch to be introduced by Omron will be the first to bring blood pressure monitoring feature to its watch. This feature will help users to monitor their blood pressure level anytime and anywhere. Also, the company has received FDA clearance to launch such smartwatch and pre-orders will be open soon.

The first ever blood pressure monitoring smartwatch by Omron is named as HeartGuide which will change the face of wearable technology. This smartwatch can help in reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. As blood pressure keeps on fluctuating every time, regularly monitoring the same can help in seeking immediate medical help in severe cases. It was seen that regular monitoring of blood pressure level can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disorder by 20 percent and 10 percent respectively.

According to recent reports, heart attacks and strokes have recorded the highest mortality rate. Thus, it is necessary to regularly monitor blood pressure to avoid the risk of these disorders. About 46 percent of American suffer from high blood pressure which in turn takes a toll on their heart health.

The Omron smartwatch is based on oscillometric (inflating) blood pressure monitor technology. The company is also well-known for launching electronic cuff-like blood pressure measuring devices. Such devices are widely used by healthcare professionals and hospitals. The company’s goal is to free the world from life-threatening conditions like heart attacks and strokes.

The smartwatch is available in 3 different size variants, which offers real-time information on blood pressure, sleep, and physical monitoring. This smart device comes with a price tag of $499. The shipment of this device will begin from January 9, 2019. Furthermore, this smartwatch can effectively handle text, emails, calling and can act as a pedometer. The charging of this device can last up to 48 hours.


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