Google Will Now Allow You To Auto-Delete Your Location Tracking Data, Web And App Activity

Due to the raising privacy concerns among the Google users the company have started rolling out a new feature. As the location history, as well as web and app data, can reveal confidential and unwanted information to others, the company will now auto-delete such data. Thus, managing the web, app and location data is now easy for Google users.

Till now Google used to store all the data which the user browses through the Google Chrome browser. With the help of a new feature, users need not worry about the tracking of such sensitive data by Google. With the help of newly launched auto-delete feature, users can set a time span after which the browsed or tracked data will be removed automatically by Google’s browser.

Usually, the users can set the time ranging from 3 months to 18 months after which the captured data will be removed automatically. Also, the data will be completely deleted from Google’s server also. In the past, the users were able to delete their browsing history but it was a manual process. Also, these manual deleting options will be available even after the launch of auto-delete option by Google.

Google has not yet revealed the actual date when this auto-delete feature will be available to all the users. However, it seems that in coming weeks the users can see this option in their respective browsers. It is important to note that the auto-delete feature will only delete the location history, web and app data. Other information like your device information, YouTube search history will not be deleted by the auto-delete feature.

Along with Google, Facebook has also planned to launch a similar feature to protect the user’s privacy and prevent data leaks. It is interesting to see how these giant companies are taking initiatives to protect the user’s privacy and confidential data. Thus, data security and data privacy will become a top priority for all social networking and search engine companies.


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