Samsung May Launch 64-Megapixel Cameras By Early 2020

Samsung, the giant smartphone manufacturer never fails to amaze the users with its innovative concepts and camera features. After the launch of triple cameras, the company is planning to bring 64-megapixel cameras to its smartphone. The company has revealed its 64-megapixel image sensor.

The new 64-megapixel image sensor is known as ISOCELL Bright GW1. The company uses the 0.8μm-sized pixels which are also seen in the 48-megapixel lens. Due to the increase in this lens can capture more light to capture vivid images. Also, such a lens can effectively function and capture excellent images even in low light.

Samsung does not capture 64-megapixels image all together but it first captures a 16-megapixel image and merges it into 48-megapixel with 12-megapixel shots. The Bright GW1 sensor can capture excellent shots with good light. This image capturing ability can be seen in the Sony smartphone with a 48-megapixel camera. In addition, Samsung will also provide colour filter descrambling feature.

In recent years, the smartphone camera is one of the key features that attract a large number of users. Thus, many smartphone manufacturers are launching smartphones with enhanced camera resolution and features. With the help of ISOCELL Bright GW1 and GM2 will amaze the photographers. Also, this feature is integrated into a sleekest mobile device.

Furthermore, this image sensor has a Dual Conversion Gain (DCG) feature to convert the light into an electrical signal. The light can be adjusted based on the environment. In this way, the capacity, FWC and captured light can shoot best photos. With the help of Super PD feature autofocus and high-performance phase detection can be achieved.

The new lens also provides full HD recording with 480 frames per second to capture slow-motion pictures. The ISOCELL Bright GW1 can capture images the way human sees it. The HDR range with this range extends up to 100-decibels and in the present phone, this range is just 60 decibels. The ISOCELL Bright GW1 lens is in a testing phase and will be available for mass production by the last quarter of 2019. The users can expect the 64-megapixel camera phones by early 2020.


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