JRA x Umaibo anime released, 8 horses played by Daiki Yamashita run in a race over hidden treasures

Collaboration between Japan Racing Association (JRA) and “Umaibo”. As part of the collaboration project “Umai Stick Derby”, a short animation featuring eight voice actors, including Daiki Yamashita, has been released.

“Umai Stick Derby” is a project that precedes the 88th Japan Derby to be held at Tokyo Racecourse on May 30th. Eight horse characters made with the taste of Umaibo as a motif appear in the animation, Yamashita as Meet the Natto, Tomokazu Sugita as Takoyaki Black, Aimi as Tarako Zarip, Tsubasa Yonaga as Natto Afro, Golden Mayo was played by Ayane Sakura, sticky give-up was played by Daisuke Namikawa, Mach Octopus was played by Satoshi Hino, and Hakatamentaline was played by Suzuko Mimori. Eight will participate in a fierce race called “Horse Stick Derby” in order to obtain the “Golden Horse Stick Server” which is a treasure of “Ancient Ruins Davirinth”.

Also, on the official Twitter of “Umai Stick Derby”, a lottery campaign to win gifts will be held from May 12th to 19th. As gifts, 530 “horse sticks” in the original package designed by Meet Zanato and others, and a “golden horse stick server” that allows you to set “horse sticks” and take them out one by one were prepared. Recruitment is conducted on a daily basis, and prizes are presented to a total of 800 people, 100 from each day’s applicants by lottery. If you want it, retweet the application tweets posted at 15:40 every day during the period.

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