The stage of the anime “Love Live!” PV? The sunken passenger ship that was popular in Numazu became a hot topic

Numazu anime that was to stage the City ” Love Live! Sunshine!” Hero group “Aqours (of Aqua )” new song promotional video (PV) of a ship that is a stage in the model of, has been moored off the coast of the city Nishiurakisho The luxury liner “Scandinavia (formerly Stella Polaris)” has become a hot topic among fans. People related to it say, “I want you to remember the ship that is being forgotten and use it as an opportunity to pass it on to the future.” In the PV of the single “smile ship Start!” Commemorating the 5th anniversary of the formation, nine aqua people are singing and dancing onboard. The shape of the ship, passages, stairs, deck construction, etc. are similar to Scandinavia, and there is also a post comparing PV and ship photos on SNS. An office worker in the cityTakeshi Sugiyama (40) is said to have associated Scandinavia with the PV. Mr. Sugiyama said, “I was interested in Scandinavia as the anime started and went around Numazu. I wanted it to appear in the anime, so I’d be happy if it really became a motif.” The restaurant “Umi no Stage” near the mooring point displays a model of the hull, photographs at the time of mooring, and a logbook of the Stella Polaris era as a museum. Mr. Masayoshi Nakura (48), an office worker in the city who decorates a photo of the inside of the ship when it was closed in 2005, said, “A ship that I used to visit with my parents and use for dates when I was a child. I was impressed by it. ” Mr. Kikuya Maejima (81), the owner of the store and the former secretary-general of the “Scandinavian Preservation Society” who appealed for the local preservation of Scandinavia, said, “Love Live fans are digging up the history and culture of the area. I hope more people are interested in it. ” <Memo> Scandinavia Built-in 1927 as a luxury liner “Stella Polaris (North Pole)” at a Swedish shipyard, it traveled around the world’s oceans. From 1970, it started operations as “Floating Hotel Scandinavia” in Nishiurakishou, Numazu City. It was also used as a restaurant and ceremonial hall and became popular. It was decided to sell to a Swedish company in 2006, and in September of the same year, it sank off the coast of Kushimoto Town, Wakayama Prefecture, on the way to Shanghai.

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