My Hero Academia: Fanart gives Himiko Toga a maid outfit

Maybe you already knew, but Japan celebrates “Maid Day” this month. This peculiar celebration that takes place from May 5 to 10 causes fanarts of hundreds of characters to appear in a maid outfit, as is the case with this great illustration of Himiko Toga.

Combining this popular celebration with one of our favorite villains from My Hero Academia, the fanart gives us a beautiful version of Toga in a completely different outfit.

Leaving aside the school seifuku that characterizes her so much in the series, Toga adopts this outfit that fits her perfectly. Here we leave it for you:

Hiding a knife behind her, the villain plans a fatal move that is not betrayed by her unique appearance. The incredible illustration is the work of artist @ sakura_a4391, who took the liberty of sharing it with her Twitter followers.

The “Maid Day” is commemorated as the result of a pun in Japanese that comes up when reading the date of Cinco de Mayo. That combined with the popularity of maids in Japan in anime, coffee shops, cosplay, and more create this unique feast.

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