Is the sequel to ‘Overlord’ boosted by overseas popularity comparable to ‘Kimetsu’? The current location of the anime from ‘Naruto’

On May 8th, an announcement was made regarding the sequel to the anime “Overlord”. The content is the production of the 4th period of TV animation “Overlord IV” and the new movie version “Sacred Kingdom Edition”. Fans were excited because it was a long time since the end of the third term of 2018, and before and after the announcement, the word “Overlord 4th term” was also in the trend of Twitter. Let’s take this opportunity to check about the word “Overlord” and the current state of “Naruto” anime related to the work. In the first place, the anime “Overlord” is a dark fantasy that depicts the activities of the main character, Ains, who has transferred to another world with a skeleton-shaped avatar at the end of the service of a certain game. The original novel by Kugane Maruyama is a popular work as a so-called “different world reincarnation” system, along with big hits such as “When I reincarnated, it was slime” and “Re: Life in a different world starting from zero”, and TV animation is also 2015 It has been produced from the beginning of the year to the third period. There are several factors that make it popular, but one of them is the strength of the character’s individuality. For example, as mentioned above, the main character, Ains, looks like a “bone.” If you’re an anime fan, you’ve seen it once, and even if you haven’t seen the work, you’ll be fascinated by its unforgettable impact. Furthermore, the “bone” embarks on dignified world domination with a powerful subordinate who calls himself ” Ainz-same “. On the other hand, since he was originally an ordinary office worker, the gap that he is afraid of his inner feelings is unique. Also, although dark fantasy is the keynote, gag-like elements are also strong. Lizard in the 5th episode of the 2nd season of the animeThe mating of each other is carefully drawn (Ains who saw it is Anguri), and in the third period, full nudity is shown in the bath scene from the first episode (however, it is Ains of the bone to take a bath). The popularity of “Overlord” with such charm is not limited to Japan. For example, on the Chinese video site, Bilibili Video, TV 1st and 3rd periods were played 340 million times, 2nd period was played 320 million times, and the number of views of the spin-off short animation “Pure Ple Pleiades”. There are also many. Each series has the highest number of views for one cool anime, and the total number of views of the series is over 1 billion. It is the first time in popularity that the TV anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” has exceeded 660 million plays. Crunchyroll, a major distribution site with more than 90 million members worldwide, also has a very high user rating of 4.6 out of 5 throughout the series (all numbers are as of early June). In recent years, it is not difficult to imagine that the popularity overseas has strongly boosted the production of the “Overlord” sequel, while the overseas market cannot be ignored in the production of animation in Japan. The original book of “Overlord” has been released by KADOKAWA, but it was originally serialized on the novel posting site Arcadia in 2010. It is said that the publication started after that (hereinafter referred to as “Naro”), but as any anime fan knows, the anime from Narurou is broadcast every cool. The most eye-catching is “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”, which has been developing related works for 2021 as “That Time I Got Reincarnation”. In winter, “That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime, Part 2”, in spring, spin-off “That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime,” and in summer, “That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime, Phase 2”. “That Time I Got Sura” continues to be broadcast without interruption in the second part. The movie version may be waiting for you in the fall just because you sing “Year”. In addition, there are many topics about the original anime in the anime scene. In the first half, the famous original “Unemployed reincarnation- I’m serious when I go to another world-” was praised mainly for high-quality visuals, and this term, “300 years after defeating slime, I reached level MAX without knowing it”, “The magical power of the saint is versatile. “,” It’s a spider, but what? ] The second cool and the works of the female protagonist are being broadcast intensively. Looking further into the future, we are also refraining from animated works of genres that have swept the recent genres such as villain daughters and exiles (or Zamaa). On the other hand, there is currently no genre that has become as decisively popular as the villainous daughter and expulsion of the time, but low fantasy, which adds a fantasy element to the real world, is one of the signs. For example, in “D Genesis Dungeon 3 Years”, which has already been made into a book by KADOKAWA and has been comicalized, monsters will wander around the world in dungeons, and the main characters will act as explorers. It is the content. Since “Log Horizon” in 2013, many original novels have been animated, and it is natural that several novels have been broadcast in one cool recently. In addition, new works are posted every day, and many readers are seeing them. With that in mind, for the time being, anime from Naruto will continue to be born, with classic works such as “Overlord” and “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” mixed with new genres as shown above. Let’s go.

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