Welcome us into their world CUBE’s new girl group LIGHTSUM

The newbie young lady bunch yearn “to be a gathering who’s consistently close by and consistently makes you grin”

LIGHTSUM, CUBE Entertainment’s new eight-piece young lady bunch, will be the principal band to make a big appearance on the name since (G)I-DLE in 2018. Their first single ‘Vanilla’ is, as per pioneer Juhyeon, loaded with the “positive energy and force” that they need to impart to the world, with the expectations that audience members will “anticipate the positive message and the charms that every one of the individuals will show through their exhibitions in front of an audience”.

As the new kid on the block bunch moves into the world, NME found them to discover who previously motivated them to become icons, continuing in the strides of their self-creating and making name mates, and their definitive objective for LIGHTSUM. Become acquainted with K-pop’s most up-to-date young lady bunch underneath.

For what reason did you first need to turn into an icon? Were there any craftsmen or individuals in your day-to-day existence that enlivened you to take this way?

Hina: “I was in middle school and, around then, TWICE were well known so in the wake of seeing them perform on the stage, so I came to Korea since I needed to resemble them.”

Juhyeon: “I began my learner life at 11 and around then I saw a video of BoA and seeing her fill the stage alone, I was dazzled by how she filled the stage without help from anyone else and that is the means by which I began my life as a student.”

Huiyeong: “Before my student life, I had the insight of figure skating and I went to [an] foundation. There, my educator suggested I try out for a K-pop [agency]. Fortunately, I passed the tryout and I had an excitement to turn into a K-pop icon so I began trying sincerely as a student. I likewise went to a show and paid attention to unrecorded music and afterward, I felt like I truly needed to do this work.”

Nayoung: “I began my student life when I was in middle school and that is when BTS turned out to be truly popular. In the wake of seeing BTS being truly synchronized in front of an audience and in the wake of feeling that they truly buckled down, I additionally needed to be an icon like BTS.”

What’s the greatest thing you’ve learned in your time as a student that you’ll present with you as an individual from LIGHTSUM?

Juhyeon: “I began my student life when I was youthful, so I was utilized to the assessment cycle and working on as per the timetable, yet I generally had this brain that I needed to think back and think why I am buckling down? What’s my objective? For what reason am I running so hard? After debut, I would prefer not to fail to remember the objectives I had as a learner.”

Nayoung: “The person who suffers is the person who wins. Subsequent to going through a ton of battles, I discovered that the individual who bears every one of those difficulties turns into a victor. Fearless Girls are the best model for this to me.”

What have been the greatest difficulties you’ve confronted paving the way to your presentation and how have you conquered them?

Chowon: “I had long periods of preparing and there were times where my introduction was before me, so I had odds of appearing. It resembled a carrot before me and I could run towards the carrot, however, once the carrot is gone – which is the presentation – I don’t have any objective to anticipate. There were occasions such as that and I felt restless about it, however, I had companions and different learners around me so I had the option to defeat those battles.”

Sangah: “Contrasted with different learners, I began my student life at a later age, however fortunately I had the option to [get picked for] debut straight away. Since it was my first time as a learner, I felt there were countless things that I hadn’t ready for and that, expertise savvy, I wasn’t sufficient. That was my greatest battle yet, very much like Juhyeon said, there were different learners and companions who upheld me around me so I had the option to overcome that battle.”

You’ve all spoken about what sort of craftsman you need to be, saying you need to give positive energy to and go about as companions for your audience members. Are there any specialists who have assumed comparable parts in your own lives, and what effect have they had on you?

Chowon: “Very much like Nayoung said, in the wake of seeing BTS, I needed to become like them. Dislike I needed to be an icon due to BTS yet through them I got a ton of solace and energy from their tunes. Since BTS has different stories in their music, regardless of which circumstance you are in, there was consistently a melody that consoles me from numerous points of view. I additionally need to turn into a craftsman where many individuals pay attention to my accounts and get solace from it.”

Juhyeon: “Actually like Chowon got solace from BTS, I used to pay attention to IU’s tunes. I could truly identify with her verses. Actually, like her, I need to be a craftsman that is truly compelling to others.”

What’s the principal thing you will do after you’ve made your presentation?

Hina: “I need to thank my folks first since when I needed to turn into a K-pop symbol my dad truly preferred it yet my mom was truly restless in light of the fact that I needed to surrender such countless things and [also because] I’m the lone youngster in my family. However, ultimately I made it, so that is the primary thing I need to do after I debut.”

Juhyeon, Chowon, Nayoung, and Yujeong, you’ve all been a piece of endurance shows like Produce 48 and The Unit before. How would you feel that experience has helped you in planning for symbol life?

Yujeon: “When I was only a student, I just did what I needed to do. In any case, in the wake of being a piece of an endurance program, my fantasy was to turn into a champ and I turned out to be more aggressive about my fantasy. Since there were individuals supporting me, I worked more earnestly.”

Chowon: “When I went to the endurance programs, there were individuals who truly enjoyed me, and my name was known to many individuals. I acquired certainty through that and, despite the fact that I was investing a great deal of energy inside the organization as a student, the rest of the world appeared to be truly changed. However, then, at that point through doing the program and chatting with a great deal of grown-ups, I had the option to encounter a greater society and that is the reason these days at whatever point I meet new individuals I get less apprehensive. As of late, it’s been a huge assistance to me.”

Juhyeon, you have insight into forming and CUBE has a long history of self-creating/delivering symbols. What are your desires in this field?

Juhyeon: “I regard craftsmen who self-deliver and form their own music and that is the reason I’m continually attempting to learn [about that]. Later on, I need to make my own self-delivering collection.”

Hina, you can most likely identify with a great deal of global K-pop fans who start to learn Korean and about Korean culture subsequent to falling head over heels for K-pop. As far as you might be concerned, what was it about K-pop that made you need to study Korea before you turned into a student?

Hina: “When I saw K-pop icons’ dance moves and tunes interestingly, I thought it was truly cool and that is the reason I needed to study it.”

Nayoung and Yujeong, you both utilized moving and cheerleading when you were more youthful to help beat your bashfulness. How did these exercises help you acquire certainty?

Nayoung: “It isn’t so much that I acquired certainty through moving, yet it assisted me with joining the K-pop industry. After I joined the endurance projects and moving in front of an audience, that is the point at which I acquired certainty, in the wake of seeing every one of the fans supporting me.”

Yujeon: “Cheerleading assisted me with defeating my timidity since, in such a case that I hadn’t done that I believe I wouldn’t have had the option to act before individuals, however, it’s not the principle reason I got certainty.”

Chowon, you’ve additionally prepared as an entertainer. Do you feel like music and acting offer various approaches to articulate your thoughts or are there likenesses between the two? It is safe to say that you are taking advantage of an alternate piece of yourself when you’re discovering feelings and a story when you’re recording melodies and performing contrasted with when you’re constructing a character for an acting venture, or does it feel something similar?

Chowon: “I feel that music and acting feel similar when I express them. There are individuals who act by computing those sentiments and there are individuals who act by welcoming you into the scene. I’m the person who turns out to be truly inundated in the climate when I act so at whatever point I’m recording or acting I can take care of business immediately on the grounds that I’m truly submerged in it. Concerning contrasting music and acting, since I need to think about my vocals and looks I used to think much more with music than acting.”

Sangah and Jian, you are the rappers of the gathering. When did you first have a go at rapping and how simple was it for you to get? How would you feel your certainty and style has created from that point forward?

Jian: “I began rapping five months prior in light of the fact that I just had been rehearsing my vocals previously. Be that as it may, I was keen on rapping so I began catching on actually quickly. I heard that my tone for rapping is truly special so I’m attempting to make it my own solidarity.”

Sangah: “I began learning rap five months after I joined the organization and from the outset, I didn’t expect that I would learn rap. That is the reason I additionally had a little battle learning it and I was a sluggish student since it was my first time learning rap. Be that as it may, then, at that point subsequent to meeting my mentor, I began to track down my own style, which is incredible and mid-low tone – which is not the same as what I look outwardly. As of now, I don’t have full trust in my rapping abilities since it’s just a year since I began learning rap so I actually need to become familiar with it and acquire certainty.”

Huiyeong, in your PR talk with you, said that “We can do anything”. Thinking with that boundless disposition, what is your definitive objective for LIGHTSUM?

Huiyeong: “Discussing a definitive objective for LIGHTSUM, it isn’t so much that there’s a particular objective for us for the time being, yet every single year there will be another objective for us since we will develop step by step. Likewise, I need LIGHTSUM to be the specialists who can share their sentiments to every one individual all throughout the planet and that every one of the individuals radiates brilliantly.”

Investigating the future, how might you like individuals to consider LIGHTSUM? What kind o

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