Yoshiki Nakajima challenges a sexy “naked jacket”! Pre-cut release from the first photo book

“THE IDOLM @ STER SideM” as Jiro Yamashita and “Ensemble Stars! ” Nagumo Tetsutora male voice actor, known for Nakajima Yoshiki’s first photo collection, is released on August 16, 2021. This time, the second pre-cut, including a sexy “naked jacket,” was unveiled.

Voice actor Nakajima has been dubbing anime, games, etc., since making his debut in 2012. Appeared in many works. In addition to voice acting, UMake, a unit with Kento Ito and Yuichiro UmeharaAt the same time, he is also active in music activities as a band project Sir Vanity in charge of vocals and guitar, and he is also developing his apparel brand “TRUE Self,” demonstrating his multi-talented talent. To maximize Nakajima’s “attractiveness as a subject,” in his first photobook, which he appeared in, “ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!” Dare.

Newly released this time is a cut taken in a luxury hotel suite. In addition to the bold scene of taking a shower while wearing clothes, he also challenged his first “naked jacket.” It is said that it contains several sexy shots that have never been shown before. “Yoshiki Nakajima Photobook (tentative)” will be on sale from August 16. The price is 3,300 yen for the regular version. [Comment from Yoshiki Nakajima] I think it is a good photobook again. I took pictures with the team while looking for “what I can do only with a photobook,” so there should be a figure that can only be seen here. Would you please raise your expectations and wait a little longer?

[Product Information] “Yoshiki Nakajima Photobook (Tentative)”

● Release date: Monday, August 16, 2021, * Some areas have different release dates

● Price: Regular version 3,300 yen / Making DVD + Raw Animate Gamers Limited Set with Photo Price 4,400 yen

● Departure: Tokyo News Service You can make reservations at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide. Would you please check TOKYO NEWS magazine & mook for details?

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