Finally, the final screening is ‘Evangelion.’ Think about ‘Why is the explosion across?’

Hello, this is Rikao Yanagita from the Institute of Science and Technology. I enjoy thinking about manga, anime, special effects programs, etc., from the perspective of science fiction. By the way, this research report is.

The blockbuster “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” screening will end on July 21, except for some theaters. The world of “Eva,” which started in 1995, ends with this. I’m deeply moved.

The author first published “Fantasy Science Reader” in February 1996, exactly when the TV animation of “Eva” was being broadcast. However, at that time, the author was completely unaware of this advanced animation and wrote in the manuscript of “Mazinger Z” that “the cockpit should be filled with a small viscous liquid to soften the impact of the driver.” The reader would have thought, “That’s what Eva is doing?” It isn’t very comfortable.

Regarding “Eva,” I have considered various things in the past, such as the Positron Sniper Rifle, the Third New Tokyo City, and the problem of grave shortage due to the second impact. Still, when I first saw the animation, I was robbed of my heart. Was a “cross-shaped explosion.”

In the world of “Eva,” when the purpose of use attacks or when the purpose of use explodes, the flame becomes a cross. Cool! But it’s extraordinary!

Many people have pointed out that this is a religious motif, and I think so, but is it a scientifically impossible phenomenon? In completing “Eva,” I would like to think about the mystery I have been interested in for a quarter of a century.

Why mushroom clouds occur

One easy-to-understand crucifixion flames are the second episode of the TV anime “The Beast, The Beast,” when Eva’s first machine defeated the third apostle Sachiel.

Sachiel, whose weak point “core” is about to be destroyed by the first machine, wraps the upper body of the first machine and self-destructs. The detonation rose high in the sky, and it became the shape of a cross!

If you look closely at the Cross at this time, the vertical bar part is blowing up violently, and an updraft is generated. Whether it’s flames, smoke, or incandescent air, a collection of gases and particles may be in the shape of a cross. But can that happen?

In this explosion, a white dome-shaped light swells before the Cross is formed. The dome-shaped blast is due to the supersonic expansion of incandescent air, which occurs during large-scale explosions. Then, that Cross is the mushroom cloud that happened after that.?

The principle that a real mushroom cloud becomes a mushroom shape is as follows.

(1) A large-scale explosion occurs → (2) A strong updraft occurs → (3) When the air reaches a certain altitude, the temperature drops, and the rising force is lost → (4) Still, the air rises one after another, so it rises first. The air is pushed and spreads sideways.

The smoke that rises in this way becomes like a mushroom umbrella.

In other words, in a large-scale explosion, smoke can spread horizontally. If so, I’ve written it as a cross-shaped “explosion,” but if it’s smoke instead of flame, it seems that at least the Cross’s horizontal bar can be explained.

Eventually, it will become the shape of “丰.”

The mystery is that smoke extends toward the heavens above the horizontal bar. Well, if you don’t do that, you’ll end up with a “ding” instead of a “ten,” but what do you think of this mystery?

For example, what if the first vertical detonation that rises is “the central part is hotter than the peripheral part”?

In that case, when the detonation reaches a certain altitude, the peripheral part loses its ascending force. It spreads sideways, but since the central part remains hot, it rises and protrudes above the horizontal bar.

Oops, this would be across as depicted in the play. I was happy for a moment but wait a minute.

Even in the hot center, the temperature will eventually drop, losing its climbing power. Then, the smoke extended to the top of the horizontal bar may make another flat bar on it. If you write a horizontal bar on top of the horizontal bar, it will end up with the word “dried” on the clothesline, which is awkward …

Moreover, if there is a part where the temperature is still high in the center of the vertical detonation, a vertical bar will extend further on the “dry,” and this time, it will be in the shape of a “ki.” Hmmm, I wouldn’t say I like this either.

The vertical bar that pierces the second horizontal bar will lose its ascending power somewhere, so the word “丰” is added. This is an unfamiliar character, but it means “a lot of vegetation” when read as “you” or “bow.” If you write “Kusaboubo” in Kanji, it’s “Kusabou.”

Light and water are crosses.

The story has completely moved away from “Eva,” but hmm, this may be the limit of my consideration.

Because, in other scenes, the crucifix-shaped detonation may shine orange, and it looks like light instead of flame. It is even more strange that the light becomes a cross. Also, in “New Theatrical Version Destruction,” many water columns were raised by the attack of the 7th Apostle Israfel, but the water columns are also crossed. More and more mysterious.

Furthermore, in “New Theatrical Version Q,” crosses stand around the town destroyed by the third impact. The third impact happened 14 years ago, so flames and smoke couldn’t last that long. Hmm. Even after 25 years, the wonder of the Explosive Cross cannot be solved. I’m sorry for my lack of power.

However, “Evangelion” has provided such a mystery that it is worth verifying for 25 years.

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