What Anime Is Mai Zenin From?

Who is Mai Zenin? What anime would she say she is from? What is her history, and for what reason did she hate her sister Mai Zenin? Mai Zenin was an optional person in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime series. She is a second-year understudy at Kyoto Jujutsu High School. Mai was a terse and direct person who had no misgivings about shouting out her brain. She offended Nobara and Megumi after gathering them, just as their expired pal, Itadori Yuji, only for a school contention. She is a fair-minded individual as even her sister, and Maki isn’t acquitted of her fierceness.

A few fans loathed her, a few fans cherished her, but one can’t reject that Mai Zenin is a solid person regardless of one’s conviction. Despite her difficulties, Mai didn’t yield notwithstanding risk and kept doing what she should do. Kick a few condemnations butts! My young lady, Mai, I want to tell you, You shook! This article will cover everything identified with Mai Zenin, a genuinely and evidently boss alchemist.


Mai and Maki were twin sisters, with her being the more youthful offspring of the Zenin group of alchemists. Gege Akutami, the mangaka of Jujutsu Kaisen, has referenced in the Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook that Mai had selected Kyoto Jujutsu High because of her family heredity. Mai had consistently come to rely on Maki since adolescence as she had consistently been unnerved by curses. Mai, who never needed to turn into an alchemist, came to hate Maki as the last left the family for her yearnings. Because of this choice taken by Maki, Mai was additionally constrained into the family calling by the top of the tribe.

Relationship with sister, Mai Zenin

Mai’s youthfulness and terrible mentality were an aftereffect of her injury of being constrained into the calling of Jujutsu Sorcery. The twin sisters had been a subject to sexism in the Zenin family. That as well as they were regularly exposed to joke as they had next to zero reviled energy. Hence, neither of them had the option to acquire any jujutsu capacity from the Zenin faction. Even though Mai experienced made harmony with her circumstance, Maki needed a superior life for herself. Along these lines, Maki severed her guarantee to Mai that she could never leave her, to head out to turn into a Jujutsu magician. As an outcome, Mai needed to take action accordingly to stay away from terrible treatment from her family and came to seek after the very calling that was the reason for her bad dreams.

At first, Mai faulted Maki for all the loathsomeness that she was going through. The affection that she had for her sister had transformed into disdain. Mai accepted that Maki was the reason for her battle as she couldn’t have ever needed to turn into an alchemist if the last hadn’t left the family. However, Mai adored her sister underneath all the disdain definitely, as was evident from her penance for Maki.

Jujutsu Technique

Mai was a level 3 alchemist with friendly jujutsu capacities. She utilized a gun with slugs injected with reviled energy to bring down her adversaries. Despite acting as though she was more grounded than her sister, Mai was, in reality, no counterpart for Maki, who has actual unrivaled abilities. Her reviled method likewise had solid constraints, with her simply having the option to utilize it one time each day. Mai was displayed to utilize a Six-Shooter Revolver to trick her rivals into misinterpreting her genuine cutoff points. When they thought she was crushed, she utilized her reviled strategy to produce a sudden seventh-round after exhausting her initial six.

How did Mai kick the bucket?

Mai kicks the bucket in part 149 of the manga as Maki and Mai are deserted to bite the dust in a chamber loaded up with curses by their dad. Mai endeavors to save Maki by giving her the reviled energy that she needs. She, along these lines, kicks the bucket shockingly as she tells Maki her perishing wish for the entire Zenin family to be annihilated. She requests that Maki complete her last desire with the force that she has given her. Mai’s penance drives Mai to become commonly more grounded than she initially was.

On Jujutsu Kaisen

Abstract: Jujutsu Kaisen is a satire, activity, experience, and otherworldly anime that spins around the hero Itadori Yuuji. As an uninformed Yuji coincidentally finds a reviled object, his quiet days as a high schooler change for the most noticeably terrible. The reviled object is uncovered to be a finger with the evil spirit Sukuna Ryoumen, the King of Curses. When Yuji must choose between limited options, let however to burn through the reviled finger, he is constrained into the domain of Curses, which are awful creatures made out of human contempt and antagonism. Itadori, in this way, starts his challenging experience as a Jujutsu Sorcerer after being acquainted with a domain obscure to human development.

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