Elvis 2021: Adam Butler to play the lead

Whatever you agree with us on, we can all happily conclude that Elvis really is King. Having inspired generations upon generations with his musical genius and groove, Elvis Presley is still very much part of our lives and pop culture even after his passing in 1977. This has given rise to a number of musical works, movies and series based on Presley and his amazing life. The newest addition to this is the 2021 biopic, Elvis.

Starring Austin Butler as Elvis Presley and Olivia DeJonge as Pricilla, the film is directed by the popular Baz Luhrmann. The movie, as one can guess, follows the life of Elvis Presley, his rise to fame and all through to his tragic demise in ’77. We could also possibly see and arc of romance, given Elvis’s reputation and his acquaintance with wife Pricilla. Initial speculations about Adam Lambert being cast as Presley came to an end with announcement of Butler snatching the place. However, excitement grew as news that Tom Hanks would be seen playing Colonel Tom Parker, Presley’s manager, broke.

The movie was scheduled for release on early October 2021 but was pushed back to November due to unforeseen circumstances. That, along with the unfortunate instance of Tom Hanks contracting the virus had left the film grappling for suitable dates. Nonetheless, this is not that big a delay taking other movies that have seen a major postponement into consideration. Though the production had been stalled due to the pandemic, we can hope that the movie premieres on its given release date as the world is slowly getting accustomed to working with, through and around the global health crisis. The movie has been in the making since early 2014 and fans are eager to see what the makers have to bring to the table with Elvis 2021.

Whatever the time of release is, we can say that the movie would be one of the biggest and most awaited drops of the period. It is not secret that Presley has loyal fans and followers all over the world as the Rock and Roll fandom is one that is ever expanding. Branded the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis is so much a cult icon than a musician or Artist. His fandom has surpassed time and age just like the genre of rock n’ roll. Music is something that is really close and personal to most people and from the looks of it, a huge part of the world has made the conscious choice of letting Elvis into their lives.

People are gravitating towards this biopic as it covers the classic trope of the much coveted “rags to riches” star. This is a storyline that has never failed to lure people in, no matter how many times it’s been made in art, film or music. This is because the plot is inspiring to many to try and go after their dreams and inspiration is something that a lot of us can use, all the time. Elvis 2021 will not only follow this but will also tell the story of someone people know and love, world over. Taking all of these factors into consideration, we already know that the movie will be a smashing success when it comes out. Will Elvis rekindle the rock n’ roll craze in ways we’ve never seen before? You will have to wait and witness!

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