Instagram Announcing New Features For Users In 2020

Instagram, a well-known app is highly appreciated among users around the world. The regularly updates its features to a different surprising level. We know Instagram is already full of colorful designs and a variety of different platforms to explore something new. In 2020, a wide range of creative updates has been updated for users. This app is a worldwide connected networking app and it’s lovable for everyone too.

Facebook integrating messenger formats to Instagram, the most sensational and loved reels updates and all are introduced with the Instagram updates of 2020. So much exciting news for users loving to scroll over Instagram must read the article sincerely. To all the audience waiting to know what’s next for this well-updated app, we have shared all updates of this app. Let’s see what is hidden in the Instagram treasure box 2020.

Instagram All-New Features Updated For 2020

Well, it’s known the connecting Instagram with Facebook is the most important change made to the Instagram app. User accounts are connected with Facebook for everyone. We know this feature has actually made after Facebook-owned WhatsApp and then Facebook as well. Later, Instagram got story updates connected for Facebook as well. Whenever you will share any story to your Instagram account will ask you to share it with a Facebook story as well. You can easily upload the same story on Facebook with a connected account from Instagram.

The reel feature is like the sensational update of Instagram after users have lost their TikTok. A short term video creating feature has made Instagram needier to users. All the people around the world have created as many reels into their accounts. At first, it was of 15sec but later from last month, it’s of 30sec. It’s really again a priority list update from Instagram. Messenger chat feature has been to Instagram last week.

Chat replies including the forward and sticker suggestions have been updated as well on Instagram recently. Color themes for a chat have been also updated. Dark theme for background and many more additional features are even added with it. IGTV features are also updated this time. Song selection with collected genres is also available.

Users Expecting New Updates From Instagram

Now certain updates are also available for Instagram by the expectation list of users. Users are expecting that Instagram may add some overlook of Instagram. It looks like it’s not much updated since last year. And a way better options for the per post is also expected.

As in Instagram users don’t have the ability to edit per post privacy which is quietly impossible right now. But the lovable install can update such feature for their awaited users at all. Even the app has completely upgraded way more from its launch. But these are also expected with such developed apps from these days.

Till then stay connected with us for more updates regarding any further updates from Instagram updates 2020.

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