Evaluation: Teenage Bounty Hunters is Strictly Common

When someone does something good, you expect better from them. With every better act, you start to anticipate better-than-better from them, which also opens the door for disappointment. Netflix had started out with quality entertainment, delivering exceptional TV shows and movies, helping the audience expand their horizon by bringing in the mix of international content […]

Evaluate: Lovecraft Nation Episode 1

Based on the book of the same name by Matt Ruff, HBO’s ‘Lovecraft Country’ is a suspenseful, dramatic, action-fuelled, and compelling series you never knew you wanted. It grips you from the very first scene and leaves you with a cliffhanger that will make the wait of a week unbearable. freestar.queue.push(function () { googletag.display(‘thecinemaholic_728x90_300x250_320x50_InContent_2_new_tag’); }); […]

Hoops Season 1 Recap / Evaluate

In a world where the adult animation genre is littered with gems like ‘Bojack Horseman‘, ‘Rick & Morty‘, ‘Big Mouth‘, ‘South Park‘, and ‘Family Guy‘, an average comedy with next to no significant story development is a hard pill to swallow. Anything less than an animated sitcom that delves into the darkest, most outrageous form […]

Trinkets Season 2 Recap / Evaluation

Netflix’s ‘Trinkets’ follows the story of three young girls who meet at Shoplifters Anonymous and become an indispensable part of each other’s life. The first season takes its time to develop the relationship between the girls and their individual entanglements with others. The second season takes things a bit farther, with every character engaging with […]