Careers on the Internet: Influencer wanting to work


Career on the Internet : Desired influencer

Many young people want to get involved in social Media become famous. Coach Sascha Schulz claims that everyone can become an influencer. But how do you become an Internet star and do you also earn money with it?

By Veronika Wulf

The fingernails click when Elena Alexandrova is typing on her cell phone. They are long, beige, perfectly manicured. “Appearance is not the most important thing, but let's be honest: it is important,” says the 23 year old in a café on Berlin's Alexanderplatz, where she will have a conversation at some point pulls a hairbrush out of the handbag and combs the hair. The sprayed lips are painted blood red, the left arm is tattooed with mandalas, peacock feathers and flowers. But she also knows that beauty is not enough to become known as an influencer. Therefore, she also has ideas for “content”: Beauty and Fashion.