The Prince of Tennis: Who is your favorite character in ‘Hyotei Gakuen Middle School’?

The cartoons ” The Prince of Tennis ” and “The New Prince of Tennis,” nicknamed “Tenipuri. ” The serialization started in 1999, and it has been media-mixed in various fields such as anime, character songs, and musicals, and is still loved by deep-rooted fans. So this time, we will introduce some characters from the “Hyotei … Read more

Finally, the final screening is ‘Evangelion.’ Think about ‘Why is the explosion across?’

Hello, this is Rikao Yanagita from the Institute of Science and Technology. I enjoy thinking about manga, anime, special effects programs, etc., from the perspective of science fiction. By the way, this research report is. The blockbuster “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” screening will end on July 21, except for some theaters. The world of “Eva,” … Read more

8 Greatest Horror Anime Of All Time

These repulsiveness anime make certain to send chills down the spines of even the most in-your-face fans. It probably won’t appear as though it, however making an anime that is unadulterated awfulness isn’t excessively straightforward. For one, hand-drawn liveliness can’t exactly catch the edge by-outline strain and stun worth of the frightfulness media. That is … Read more

Haikyu!!’s Creator What You Didn’t Know?

In the event that you’ve at any point watched “Haikyu!!”, there are a couple of things about its maker you can figure. Obviously, the individual liable for the shonen manga (and the anime that follows) that spotlights on the game of volleyball is unquestionably a talented craftsman, delivering volleyball moves in drawn-out, cherishing point of … Read more

Is the sequel to ‘Overlord’ boosted by overseas popularity comparable to ‘Kimetsu’? The current location of the anime from ‘Naruto’

On May 8th, an announcement was made regarding the sequel to the anime “Overlord”. The content is the production of the 4th period of TV animation “Overlord IV” and the new movie version “Sacred Kingdom Edition”. Fans were excited because it was a long time since the end of the third term of 2018, and … Read more

World’s Largest Pop Culture Event Tokyo Comic-Con 2021 Main Visual Contest Held Available for both professionals and amateurs

The world’s largest pop culture event ‘Tokyo Comicon 2021′ will be held online with Makuhari Messe from December 3rd to 5th, 2021. This time, it was announced that the main visual contest, which has been well received every year, will be held. which started in 2016, communicates with famous overseas actors and famous artists, exhibits … Read more

Anime Kimetsu no Yaiba box office exceeded 40 billion yen Mobile Suit Gundam SEED new project started

Anime is a comprehensive introduction to the news of the week’s anime. This time, the news that the box office revenue of Theatrical version Devil’s Blade Infinite Train Edition exceeded 40 billion yen, and the new animation Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Attention was paid to topics such as the start of the project. 24 days, … Read more