U.S. Justice: U.S. files lawsuit against Huawei for theft of company secrets


US Justice : USA accuse Huawei of theft of company secrets

The Brooklyn Attorney General has Charges brought against Huawei. It accuses the Chinese technology group and two of its US subsidiaries of attempting to steal the trade secrets of its US competitors. The company denied the allegations in a communication and called them “unfounded.”

It is not the only procedure that is in the US is running against Huawei. The Brooklyn prosecutor has already charged the company with suspected bank fraud. Another charge was brought against the company in Seattle last year, also for attempting to steal trade secrets – in the case of T-Mobile.

The proceedings take place against the background of a debate about Huawei and its relationship with the Chinese state apparatus. The US government repeatedly accuses Huawei of unfair practices. The company poses a threat to US national security.

Donald Trump's government wants evidence that the Technology company can secretly access cell phone networks via an interface that is actually intended for security authorities. Trump therefore asked US allies in Europe to exclude Huawei from the expansion of the new 5G mobile network. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper urged it again ahead of the Munich Security Conference. Trump's national security advisor, Robert O'Brien, also said this week that Huawei could use its technology to secretly dial into connections. The company denies this and states that it “never and will never secretly gain access to telecommunications networks, nor do we have the ability to do that.”