The stage of the anime “Love Live!” PV? The sunken passenger ship that was popular in Numazu became a hot topic

Numazu anime that was to stage the City ” Love Live! Sunshine!” Hero group “Aqours (of Aqua )” new song promotional video (PV) of a ship that is a stage in the model of, has been moored off the coast of the city Nishiurakisho The luxury liner “Scandinavia (formerly Stella Polaris)” has become a hot … Read more

JRA x Umaibo anime released, 8 horses played by Daiki Yamashita run in a race over hidden treasures

Collaboration between Japan Racing Association (JRA) and “Umaibo”. As part of the collaboration project “Umai Stick Derby”, a short animation featuring eight voice actors, including Daiki Yamashita, has been released. “Umai Stick Derby” is a project that precedes the 88th Japan Derby to be held at Tokyo Racecourse on May 30th. Eight horse characters made … Read more

Saitama Prefecture collaborates with popular anime “New Lifestyle” Call

Saitama Prefecture and popular anime have jointly created a video introducing a “new lifestyle” to encourage the younger generation to take thorough infection prevention measures. This video was created jointly by Saitama Prefecture and the popular anime ” Eagle Talon “. In the video, we are introducing a “new lifestyle” while calling for thorough measures … Read more

New Popularity Poll With Chainsaw Man Drums Up Hype

Trimming tool Man has scrounged up a wide range of promotion with the consequences of another notoriety survey for the arrangement! As the subsequent prominence survey for the manga by and large, this freshest fame survey hits a ton distinctively considering this one is well after the initial segment of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s unique manga arrangement … Read more

Shinobu Kocho, The Insect Hashira (Demon Slayer)

A feline sweetheart relates to felines, sharing qualities, for example, being mindful, contemplative, and selective about friendship — like these anime characters. Anime characters come in all shapes and sizes, and there are a wide range of approaches to sort them or depict their characters and perspective. The Myers-Briggs character types and the Dungeons and … Read more

Bleach: Fans Asking What Happens After The Anime?

The Bleach manga goes a lot farther than the anime has up until now. This is the way everything unfurls eventually. From 2004 to 2012, the Bleach anime filled screens all throughout the planet with incredible activity, polished movement, and long running storylines. Beginning with the “Specialist of the Shinigami” bend and finishing with “The … Read more